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Featured Apps

Immich is a Google Photos alternative to manage and share your photos and videos. Comes with its own mobile app, as well as AI and search features. Run Your Own

CommaFeed is a bloat-free RSS feed reader inspired by Google Reader. Comes with a dark theme, keyboard shortcuts, and a mobile-friendly design. Run Your Own

Uptime Kuma is a fancy self-hosted monitoring tool to monitor the uptime of many protocols, like HTTP(s), TCP, keywords and DNS. It can also manage multiple status pages. Run Your Own

Why run your apps on PikaPods?

No tracking, no ads
We only sell hosting services and not your data or ads.
Simple Interface
We manage all configurations, databases and other details in the background.
Rewarding Open Source Authors
Where possible, part of the revenue goes to the original author. (look for a 馃挌)
Automatic updates
We test and apply updates, so you get a stable and up-to-date experience.
Secure and confidential
Every pod runs in isolation and connections are always encrypted.
Direct Data Access
You always have the option of accessing your pod files and database directly.

Control and Simplicity

PikaPods combines the privacy of running your own server with the convenience of commercial cloud services.

PikaPods Ad-supported Cloud Service (e.g. Google Photos) Own Server
Simple to use, no sysadmin skills required
No tracking, profiling or ads
Full control over your data
Source code is available
Managed app- and server updates
Support open source authors financially (marked 馃挌) -

All Your Apps in One Place

A simple interface to manage your apps. Adjust available resources or use your own domain.

Pricing & FAQ

CPU Cores
Memory (GB)
Storage (GB)
Monthly Cost: $1.00

Prices are in USD and exclusive of VAT. For European customers VAT will be added during checkout.

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